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We all want younger looking skin. Although aging is inevitable, people are always looking for ways to slow down that process. Lifestyle choices can actually speed up the aging process, resulting in a condition known as premature aging. This causes wrinkles at a young age. Although anti-aging creams can help minimize the effects of aging, it’s best to try to prevent the damage as well. There are things you can do to help slow down the aging process.

Avoid the sun whenever possible. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are very damaging to the skin. They cause premature aging and wrinkles. Use a sunscreen to protect your skin when you are spending time in the sun. Be sure to apply the sunscreen to the face, neck, arms, hands and any other exposed areas. Wear a hat to give your face even more protection. Avoid being outside in the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are strongest.

If you smoke, this is another incentive to quit. Most of the media coverage is focused on the health benefits of quitting, which are important. There are also benefits for your skin if you kick the habit. Smoking increases the production of free radicals, which contribute to the aging process. This accelerates the aging process and causes more wrinkles in the skin. Talk to your doctor about ways to quit. There are prescription medications that may help as well as over the counter remedies. Your doctor can help you find the best method for you.

Eat a healthy diet rich in antioxidants. These include foods rich in vitamins A, C and E. Antioxidants help scavenge free radicals. A combination of these vitamins is most effective. A diet lower in fat is best for your skin. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin from the inside out. You should try to drink at least eight glasses each day.

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is not only good for your body, but your skin as well. Regular exercise improves circulation. This keeps your body in shape and helps increase the circulation to the muscles and skin of the face. You might want to ask your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

To be sure you will stick with it, choose a type of exercise that you enjoy. If you like it, you are more likely to be motivated to exercise. Workout with a friend to help you both stay motivated. Start off slow and add time as you get in better shape. You should try to work up to thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day. Exercise three or four days a week for best results.

Good skin care is essential to younger looking skin. Choose high quality skin care products and anti aging creams. Wash your face every day with a gentle cleanser. Use a moisturizer that is made for your skin type. Use anti wrinkle creams that contain antioxidants and other high quality ingredients. Read reviews of anti aging creams to choose the products that are best for your skin type. In these ways you will increase the look and feel of your skin.


As we age, changes naturally take place in the skin. The cells of the body divide more slowly, including the skin cells. The inner layers of the skin become thinner and the fat cells under the surface of the skin begin to shrink. The skin begins to lose its ability to retain moisture. In addition, the skin looses its elasticity. This is the ability of the skin to return to its original shape. The loss of elasticity contributes to the sagging of the skin.

Aging is not the only cause of wrinkles. There are factors related to lifestyle that can contribute to wrinkling. This is sometimes referred to as premature aging of the skin. Smoking is one habit that can contribute to premature aging of the skin. Smoking causes the production of more free radicals. This accelerates the aging of the skin. Anti aging creams that contain antioxidants can help scavenge free radicals. These are more effective if you quit smoking.

One of the most notorious of all lifestyle causes of wrinkles is spending too much time in the sun. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is said to be the cause of up to ninety percent of premature aging of the skin. The effects of sun exposure on the skin can be seen in people as young as in their twenties when they spend excessive amounts of time in the sun. Even a small amount of exposure can have a negative effect over time.

Ultraviolet radiation damages the collagen fibers in the skin. The damage of these fibers affects the elasticity of the skin. This causes stretching of the skin and results in the skin not having the ability to return to its original shape. The result is sagging and wrinkles. In addition, overexposure to ultraviolet radiation causes an over production of free radicals, which contribute to wrinkling and aging of the skin.

Pollution may contribute to premature aging of the skin. Ozone in the air is the result of industrial pollution in our environment. The ozone is damaging to the skin. It causes the loss of vitamin E. This antioxidant is important in binding free radicals, which can cause damage to the skin. Anti aging cream can help provide a barrier and protect the skin from the negative effects of ozone and other pollutants.

There are many emotional effects that are common with wrinkling. Aging impacts self esteem and makes people feel old. The effects of aging can have financial consequences as well. In our society, youth is valued. Although there are laws against age related discrimination, it still exists in our work place. This can affect careers and opportunities for advancement in the work place.

In an effort to avoid the social stigma attached to aging, people spend billions of dollars on skin care products and anti wrinkle creams. Anti aging creams can be effective in minimizing wrinkles and preventing new wrinkles. It’s important to choose the best anti aging products for your skin. Reading reviews of anti aging creams can help you make the best choice and find the right products for your skin type. Choose high quality products to get the best results.

Teeth are on show every time you speak and when you smile. An attractive smile is an important part of beauty.

Brushing is the first thing in the morning to freshen your mouth and last thing at night so that you remove food particles which may linger and decompose during the night. Do not make the mistake of cleaning your teeth and then having a hot milk drink in bed. Cleaning should be done after your milk drink before going to bed.

Brush teeth thoroughly three times a day after meals. Using a firm tooth brush, brush your teeth with up and down movements, not with ones that go from side to side. Tackle the back teeth first, both their fronts and backs. Now brush the side teeth, working with up and down strokes. These help to dislodge particles of food by getting the bristles right between the teeth. Rinse your mouth well with an antiseptic mouth wash several times during the tooth brushing. Make sure that you massage your gums too with the brush, to stimulate circulation. The whole brushing procedure should take at least three minutes. The choice of tooth-paste depends on your preference, but beware of using harsh tooth powders to remove stains. If the teeth are not white enough, try using a tooth paste containing peroxide and leave it on the teeth for several minutes before rinsing off. Alternatively try dipping your tooth brush first in water, then in peroxide and finally into salt. This makes an effective emergency tooth cleanser if you run out of paste.

For cleaning the teeth, there are some other ingredients and recipes. Mix 3 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda with 2 tablespoons salt (sodium chloride) and use as a tooth powder. You can add pulverized orange and lemon peel to the mixture to whiten the teeth. The ashes of burnt bread, charcoal, burnt rosemary and a mixture of, honey and salt and eye meal (a kind of food grain closely al1ied to barley or millet) are also effective to clean the teeth. Strawberries can also be used to clean the teeth. These are rubbed over the teeth.

How do you know whether your breath is fresh? One good way to check is to cup your hand firmly over your mouth and nose. Now blowout your breath into your hands and breath in through your nostrils very quickly. Avoid giving offence with bad smelling breath by careful mouth hygiene. This includes regular dental inspections to detect and deal with decaying teeth.

Look around. That is how you find the best deals on airfare. There are several places to check, including travel agents, travel websites, and even an airline office. Of course, you will find the most information on the web.

Through the Internet you will discover airlines you have never heard of as well as all the major airline fares. It is the simplest way for the airlines to display their best deals and also to get more customers. The special deals are posted when the flight is announced or at the end when the flight is still practically empty.

Another way to take advantage of online airfare retailers is by purchasing from travel sites that buy tickets in large quantities. When this is the case, they want to get rid of all the tickets as soon as possible. Therefore, they will be willing to lose a bit of profit to dump all the tickets before they become obsolete. Also, a lot of this is based on chance. The chance involves the date and time, since there is no regular schedule. So, if you do not find cheap airfares within a couple weeks check back again and you may notice the prices have been reduced dramatically due to the scheduling.

The most important action for these websites is to sell as many tickets as they can so they make more profits. With the online competition these days you will see lots of advertisements for several different online retailers. It certainly does not hurt you to check more than one retailer. Because of this, you are sure to see cheaper tickets and varied pricing depending on the dates you choose.

Also not all is not lost if you want to travel only on a specific airline as there are still ways to save. When you getting airfare quote ask if coming or going a day before or after your trip will save you some money. If you want travel on weekdays instead weekends, the savings will usually be worthwhile. You may pay more for the hotel, buy even if that equals your savings you will come out ahead. Why? Because you will spend that extra time enjoying a foreign country instead the time you will lose sitting on your couch and watching TV.

One more tip to offer is trying to find connecting flights. These usually end up being much cheaper than direct flights. This allows the websites to use the cheapest airline throughout each step of the trip, instead of using the cheapest airline at only one airport. This is nice especially if you are taking an extended flight as you will want to take a break anyway!

Las Vegas celebrated its 100th birthday in 2005. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, growing at a rate of over 5,000 new residents every month! As of the 2004 census, there were just over a half million residents in Las Vegas proper, however Clark County is home to nearly two million. The big casino building boom began in the mid 1980’s. The population of Vegas actually doubled in the ten years between 1985 and 1995.

Las Vegas is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. In 2004, there were more than 22,000 conventions held in the city. More than 37 million people visited the area, more than five times as many as visited in 1970. If you are like most, you will stay 3 to 4 nights there during your vacation.

You can expect to find lots of sunshine in Vegas and warm temperatures. The average minimum temperature is 56 degrees F. and the average high is 80 degrees F. There are fun things to do in the area parks, golf courses and pools all year.

The first hotel and casino to open in Las Vegas was the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino in 1906. It ran into some trouble a few years later, in 1910 when law made it illegal to gamble. Fortunately, in 1931 the Nevada Legislature approved a legalized gambling bill. The first racially integrated hotel, The Moulin Rouge, opened in 1955. Two years later, the first topless showgirls debuted on the Strip at the Dunes in Minsky’s Follies. The famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign was created by Betty Willis in 1959. Most of The famous Las Vegas Strip is not actually inside the Las Vegas city limits. Most of it is in Clark County. There are over 1700 licensed gambling establishments in operation today.

If you like visiting historic sites, you can stay busy taking in such places as the Huntridge Theater, JD Smith house, Old Spanish Trail, Bonanza Underpass, Eureka Locomotive, Frank Wait House, John S. Park Historic District Walking Tour, Fifth Street School, Moulin Rouge and Big Springs. These are just a few of Las Vegas’ many historic attractions. The Mormon Fort, built by missionaries in 1855, was the first non-Indian settlement in the region and is still located on the corner of Washington Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard. The goal of the missionaries was to teach the Paiute Indians farming techniques. The Indians rejected the teachings and raided the fort, so the missionaries abandoned it just two years after it was built.

The construction of the Hoover Dam began in 1931. This brought an influx of construction workers which started a population boom and gave the Depression Era economy a much needed boost. It is a short 30-mile drive southeast of Las Vegas on Highway 93 at the Nevada-Arizona border. A major engineering feat, the dam was built by a total of 21,000 men over a five-year period. It was actually finished two years ahead of schedule! Close to one million visitors take the tour every year and millions more drive over the dam. The Tourist Center is open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Las Vegas is famous for its weddings. A marriage license costs $55 in Nevada. Many couples choose to marry in this state because there is no blood test or waiting period required. In addition to the Las Vegas Chapels, there are outdoor weddings, gazebo weddings, Grand Canyon weddings, Valley of Fire weddings, limousine drive-through weddings, renew your vow weddings, Red Rock Canyon weddings, helicopter ride over the Strip weddings and live internet WebCam weddings. You can even register online! The city of Las Vegas issues over 123,000 marriage licenses per year, or over 300 per day.

Whether you stay on or off the Strip, or if you are a gambler or non-gambler, a golfer, food fanatic, show lover, sports fanatic, teenager, thrill seeker, bargain hunter, bar hopper, grandparents or just a kid, there is plenty of fun and entertainment waiting for you in Las Vegas!

It is quite an experience flying in the first class. Not everyone can afford to fly in the this class but those who can certainly know how good it is. You are treated like a king. The services in the first class are outstanding and the facilities are superb. The pushback seats offer great comfort and there is also lots of elbow room.

There are some ways by which you can cut the first class airfare and that is by booking early. There are many advantages if you book early, one is that you will get discounted rates and the other is that your seat will be guaranteed. You can also shop to reduce the airfare.

You can get the latest and the best deals on the this airfare from sites like Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity. So in case you find a great deal, grab it immediately. This is because the rates change quickly, within minutes. You should not forget to check the websites of individual airlines especially those who do not give their fares on these travel sites. Their rates are listed in their site only. You can subscribe to their mailing list so that you are informed as to when any good deal comes up.

You are given some wonderful and useful gifts if you traveling on first class. These are lip balm, mouth wash moisturizer, cooling gel, hand lotion, body gel and hand gel. You may even get socks.

You are likely to get more in case you are traveling on international flight or on long routes. You will get a privacy divider, completely reclining seats, fresh linen, duvets and eye shades. The quality of food and drinks is also the best. The food is tasty and of supreme quality. The same goes for the drinks. However all this pampering is justifiable because a passenger pays 10 to15 times more than the economy class passenger.

You can also travel in the first class and especially if you are a frequent flyer. For this you need to collect the miles and then get a better ticket in return. There are some airlines which do not charge as much as the major airlines do for the first class. So you can try these airlines. Your business class tickets may be upgraded to first class provided it is not full.

If you can afford you must try to fly in first class because it is a royal and memorable experience. You will be treated like a king and you will certainly relish the services and facilities that are offered.

You can feel the special treatment the moment you check in. There is separate check in counters for this passengers. The first class passengers are either the first ones to board or the last ones.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of France, but to truly admire the natural beauty of the land, cruising along the country’s unique waterways offers the perfect start to a vacation. French canal barge holidays provide a wealth of sightseeing opportunities to explore, especially when visiting the world-renown Canal du Midi. Awakening the depths of your senses, you will be introduced to new surroundings filled with brilliant colors, surprises and treats at every bend.

What to Expect When Canal Boating in France

Canal barge holidays vary from company to company. Depending on your choice of itinerary, your trip may center on one or more different themes, ranging from wine-tasting adventures to sampling the ins and outs of French cuisine. The possibilities available during a barge holiday seem to never end, as you enjoy stops to romantic castles, medieval villages and interesting abbeys. Many tourists choose to participate in the various walking tours and bicycle journeys along the countryside.

Many canal barge holidays offer the services of a crew complete with pilot, hostess and guide. French barging holidays allow tourists to enjoy a traveling hotel upon the water with access to many of the features that land establishments provide.

For instance, an assortment of French dishes will keep you sated in between visiting local markets and other wondrous sites along the water. When taking a break from the local sites, guests may retire to their cabin, which may include single or double bed accommodations. Many canal boats also offer access to bathroom facilities that are often connected to guestrooms.

Canal du Midi

When it comes to enjoying one of the best locations for cruising the soothing waters of France, the Canal du Midi is the most well known. Plenty of worthy French sights are connected to these waters, offering a variety of french canal barge holidays you’ll never forget.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Canal du Midi is now considered a World Heritage Site. While on holiday, bright, sunny days highlight a graceful history decorated with breathtaking landscapes. The Canal du Midi is also the oldest artificial waterway in all of Europe.

Waterside villages, as well as intense flora and fauna open up to reveal rolling hills, scrumptious vineyards, orchards and awe-inspiring ancient cities. Not only is the nature and history of the Canal du Midi a delight to explore, but the architecture and craftsmanship of the canal is also a sight to see with its impressive locks, aqueducts and bridges. Overall, the Canal du Midi is a gem that has withstood the test of time.

After choosing from one of the many french canal barge holidays for tourists, you will encounter a wide range of striking attractions on the Canal du Midi. It is here that some of the best local wines and savory dishes reside. It is here you will find pieces of the Mediterranean coast, medieval towers and regal cypresses to capture with your trusty camera.

Additional sights along a Canal du Midi route may include Carcassonne, Le Somail, Narbonne and Beziers. Take one look at photos illustrating french canal barge holidays and you will soon fall in love with the appeal of such an exciting and satisfying travel voyage.

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